What does IVIG treatment feel like?

IVIG therapy also known as a normal human immunoglobulin, the use of a mixture of antibodies to treat a number of health conditions. This treatment can treatment many diseases such as mine autonomic neuropathy, autonomic small cell neuropathy, autonomic dysfunction but is used for so many other treatments and everyone has their own idea of what the treatment is like I can only explain how it makes me feel. Everyone’s experience is different. I was told you may be cold, or fluish, fatigue and painful joints.

My particular treatment plan is 5 days on and 3 weeks off. I was ready to go, positive thinking, I am not going to have any site effects, I am thinking positive. So it can be done by injection or IV. Mine is IV. One particular thing we noticed The faster the IV the more sick I felt, so a 2-3 hour treatment turned into 5 hours. This is done in a infusion center. and all around you are cancer patients, infectious disease all receiving some sort of treatment. That alone makes the entire situation more surreal. Other than the poke in the vein, it was nothing, I had planned on writing reading, but a part me needed to watch, learn and listen to what was happening, not out of disrespect for other patients but one reality of what I was enduring and 2 how lucky I was I was alive, tears for the people that were so sick, its really a difficult place to say Yeah I get to go to treatment today. So I dressed up, I was raised if you felt bad, dress up and you’ll feel better. I was the only one not in pjs, sweats etc.. I wanted to ward off all evils. I didn’t know what to expect,

The headache began, wow! I had never had a headache like this, took Tylenol, no relief, my legs hurt but that was normal but usually heat helps, not this time. I was nauseated, well I was use to that but I could conquer this, these people are fighting for their life, I can do this, I found myself tired, warn out, barley wanting to make it to the car, but tomorrow was going to be better. I came home no appetite and just slept until the tornado began, it was building and I was doing guided imagery to stop it, wasn’t working, I am getting a warmer and warmer stomach, head felt hot, didn’t even want to watch TV. I had so many things planned that I would get done during treatment.

Day 2 a little worse, Day 3 little worse, still forcing myself t dress up, said screw bringing the computer or writing or reading, I knew now, my fight was just beginning. I kept thinking just 2 more days, then sleep for a month. little did I know the days following made me sicker and sicker, found myself sleeping on the bathroom floor, can’t eat, can’t drink, my taste buds were leaving before the treatment but now gone, I was so sick I spent Christmas in the hospital, I didn’t even care that it was Christmas, my veins were giving out, and find a vein that worked was getting difficult, but I was so use to it, it didn’t hurt, my arms trashed, my hands are trashed so I had to have a port put in. This allows the treatment to have access with out having to stick me 6 times. It put me over the edge. The Doctor said it was normal for people to have this reaction after the first 5 days. Thanks for the information. I start again on the 25th, my taste buds are gone, I’m nauseated to the point the meds don’t work anymore, I will crave something like fruit and I pay after. I always thought food was suppose to be good for you, now its just a necessity to stay alive, I can even hold that down, my chest hurts, my esophagus hurts and burns like its on fire. My smell has changed and sounds, its like effecting every aspect of my life and with out food I have no energy, I guess because my body is loosing wt slowly it doesn’t matter, but when you can’t get out of bed your not going to burn a lot of calories.

So for me I pray my second treatment I will handle better and get through this easier. I have home health to do it at the house because with out a immune system, I can’t be around infectious disease. I feel so blessed, I can be in my pjs and no one will think lesser of me because it will just be me and the nurse. So I know I have along road, but it’s a road worth fighting. sometimes I feel so sick Ipray I don’t wake up, and peoples responses still blow me away, Until you try it, you don’t know how you will feel during and after treatment. so I will pray each treatment gets better and I will start to feel better, my dream to get my life back. I am willing to do anything to live. But IVIG is no picnic. But if you are starting this treatment your reaction may be different, you may have no symptoms, I pray that for you and myself.

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12 Signs it’s time to Move on and Burn all Bridges by Luna & Sol

I can’t tell you how much I have learned about my spiritual self by reading the The Loner Wolf web page, link to the left towards the bottom. I really didn’t know this side of me existed until I read more and more of their page. It’s interesting, exciting and real, I am not a wacky, It made sense. I am a empath, I am going to purchase their book on Empaths to empower myself in my daily living. I can’t tell you, you must read their site yourself to find maybe a new side of you. Or maybe a addition to, It made me understand myself better and I love to receive their newsletters. They are not strange, awkward, or scary, they are people that help people in a different way. I can not say enough about Lonerwolf. So please check their site the link again on the lower left hand side resource. I know I will be going back.
12 Signs it’s Time to Move On and Burn All Bridges

No friendship or relationship is destined to last forever.

At some point, we outgrow the people in our lives, develop different interests, and even in the best circumstances, lose people due to the natural cycle of life and death.

But when is the right time to move on from a relationship that feels doomed? Should we wait it out … should we try to pick up the broken pieces, and if so, for how long? At what point is it acceptable to throw away the lock and key?

Read the article!
I always believed myself that people enter and leave your life for a reason, what ever there lesson it is, when their lesson is done it’s time to move on. I try to believe that, sometimes it hurts, but for me, it helps me understand how the world works. Why things happen, Why people hurt you, Why they leave you or why the enter your life. We all have a lesson and gift to share and when our lesson is over it’s time. to move on. Or you’ll find your self spinning in circles. Read the rest of the article. You won’t be sorry. Kelly

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Just what is a Narcissitic peron?

How do you identify narcissistic people?

John smith said the best way to find out if a person is truly a narcissist is to politely confront them when they have said or done something nasty to you. Most people will become defensive at first, which is a completely normal reaction. But non-narcissists will eventually see your point, apologise for their behaviour and not repeat the action ever again. A narcissist, however, will not concede. They will stay on the defensive and also turn the tables on you and blame you for doing something that put them in a position to *have* to insult you — they may even expect you to apologise to them for abusing them (since they have severe victim mentalities)

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What Tests can you use to see inside your skull?

PET Scan:
Positron Emission Tomography, uses radioactive traces in die that injected and circulated through out your oody and brain to reveal details about the blood flow, glucose, metabolism and more, it works at the cellular level, for a great view of seizures and memory disorders and to tract the progression/regression of cancer over time.

EEG: Electroencephalography monitors the brain’s electrical activity through electrodes on and occasionally in the scalp. It’s high temporal resolution, great for diagnosis in Epilepsy, sleep disorders or whether or not some one is in a coma.

MRI: Functional Magnetic Resonance imaging, monitors brain activity due to changes in blood oxygenation, useful for mapping which brain region are activated in the course of various activities. but th e

CT Computed Tomography: x Rays and digital processing to create 3-D images by stacking cross-section views. Its low resolution is powerful enough to detect tumor itself create
precancerous conditions.;;

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Supporting people with invisible illnesses