Welcome to Invisible me, Invisible you !!!!!!

This is my new site!!!! Thank you to Paul M Van dort for  building this new site that is also responsive.  This means you can see this site on I phones, I pads, laptops and computers.  This will make it easier for everyone to access my page.   The Invisible me, Invisible you is a site is dedicated to people with invisible illnesses, this could be Autoimmune disease, Vestibular disorders, or any illness you can’t see on the outside.  Hopefully patients with invisible illnesses can get some understanding from family, friends, co-worker and Doctor’s  understand what the effects of what invisible illnesses has on patients with these diseases both mentally and physically.


The intent of this site is to help others through sharing information.  Kelly Helsel does not endorse or intend to mislead any readers as to the content of any articles or books on this site.


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