Impact of Chronic Illness on Relationships !!!!!!!

Impact of Chronic Illness upon Relationships and Social Activity

Ways to Maintain Healthy Relationships & Social Activity Despite the Challenges of Living with Chronic Illness

Chronic illness impacts every aspect of life, including relationships and social activity.  The unpredictability of symptoms and fatigue makes it especially difficult to stay social.  Friends, family, partners, caregivers, etc. must also adjust to a “new normal” as they walk alongside someone with a chronic illness.  At a recent support group meeting, we discussed ways to maintain healthy, supportive, and fulfilling relationships with loved ones despite the challenges of living with a chronic vestibular or balance disorder.

These articles offer valuable insight and helpful tips for the chronically ill as well as suggestions for loved ones and caregivers:

How to Cope When Chronic Pain (Illness) Affects Friends, Family & Social Life

7 Ways to Keep Your Relationship Strong Despite a Chronic Illness

Supporting Relationships Through Chronic Illness

3 Things the Chronically Ill Wish Their Loved Ones Knew

Free eBook: Chronic Illness & Friendship

Chronic Illness and Friendship Resources (Click to download PDF)

52 Ways to Encourage a Chronically Ill Friend (Click to download PDF)

How to Help a Sick Friend (Click to download PDF)

What Those with Chronic Pain or Illness DO Want to Hear

10 Things You Should Say to Someone with A Chronic Illness

15 Things Not to Say to Someone With A Chronic Illness or Invisible Illness

What Those with Chronic Pain or Illness DON’T Want to Hear

Part 2: What the Chronically Ill DON”T Want to Hear

How to Help Your Caregiver

A Not-To-Do List for Caregivers of the Chronically Ill

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