Bono, we need your help.!!!!!!

Celebrity is currency, so I wanted to use mine effectively”- Bono

Bono we really need your help…..

We are speaking on behalf of the millions of people, worldwide, who suffer lifetime’s filled with constant ‘vertigo’ from a little known and very misunderstood disease, known as Meniere’s disease.

Meniere’s disease steals lives, leaving those unable to function as they once did. Many sufferers are reduced to bystanders to their own existence, unable to work, drive, attend family gatherings, or simply play with their kids. Meniere’s causes dizziness, severe vertigo, tinnitus, sensitivity to light and sounds and other normal everyday activities. Meniere’s attacks leave their victims so dizzy and unable to walk or balance, with even the slightest movement bringing hours of nausea and vomiting. If that wasn’t enough, most Meniere’s sufferers develop hearing loss and many go completely deaf.

In the research paper “Impact of Meniere’s Disease on Quality of Life” by the University of California at San Diego, researchers found that the quality of life of Meniere’s patients, while not actively experiencing vertigo, was comparable to adults with life-threatening illnesses such as cancer and AIDS. They further discovered that during periods of ‘acute vertigo’ their quality of life dropped to a point that Meniere’s sufferers were on par with non-institutionalized Alzheimer’s, Cancer and AIDS patients six days from death. Yet, Meniere’s remains relatively unknown and dramatically underfunded when it comes to research dollars.

This is why we are respectfully asking you Bono, and your U2 band mates, to read the thousands of heartbreaking comments below from the petition supporters and consider helping us to ‘raise awareness’ about this debilitating disorder. We are asking for a simple (filmed) statement before you sing your song, “Vertigo” during your 2015 concert tour: “We need to find a cure ‘now’ for the millions who suffer lives filled with vertigo and deafness caused by Meniere’s disease” or a similar statement would be wonderful.

Or, if more acceptable, a public service video made by yourselves for ‘you tube’ that addresses Meniere’s disease helping to spread awareness and hopefully increasing research dollars that will provide better treatments and ultimately a cure.


Please do this ‘for us’ and thank you!



Dr. Jose A Lopez-Escamez MD PhD

Our Meniere’s Awareness petition has received the support of the prominent Meniere’s researcher, Dr. Jose A Lopez-Escamez who’s research team in Genyo, Granada, Spain has identified the  ‘first genes’ causing familial Meniere’s disease. We welcome Dr. Lopez- Escamez’s support and commend his work, which brings those who suffer from Meniere’s disease, one step closer to a cure.

For more information regarding the work of Dr. Jose A Lopez-Escamez MD PhD at the University of Granada · Otology & Neurotology ;

The Vestibular Disorders Association

VEDA’s Mission is to inform, support, and advocate for the vestibular community. VEDA envisions a global community where vestibular disorders are widely recognized, rapidly diagnosed, and effectively treated. VEDA recognizes their responsibility to be a champion for the vestibular community and to achieve measurable results. VEDA serves all people with vestibular disorders with dedication, understanding and compassion.


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