Patients like me.

I came across this site and loved the idea of it.  The story behind the site is pretty amazing itself, but they have a free program for patients with chronic illness that helps you keep track of your day to day health record.  How you are feeling that day, anything different, This is so important for patients to do, because when we go to the Doctors appointment’s, it tells the Doctor what’s been going on, there is a simple box underneath that you can write simple notes, such as if you ate something different, had more activity than normal and new symptoms.  They send you a reminder every day to fill out you update, it only takes a few minutes.
You don’t have to have traumatic brain injury to benefit from this site.
PatientsLikeMe is an online community where you can track your own health journey, connect with others and share real-world data that can change medicine for the better.
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