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My name is Kelly Suiter Helsel and I suffer from Autoimmune disease,
Vestibular disorders which has cause deafness, sounds in my head that
could range from tinnitus, white noise, fingernails on a chalk board,
screeching and these sounds don’t sleep.  It has caused me to be
considered unhireable due to tripping, falling, and the Vertigo drop,
this is when I fall for no reason and no warning, It has affected my
eye site, my cognitive thinking, I also suffer from consistent Vertigo
which is the feeling of being on a tilt a whirl that never ends.  The
added plus is I also get nausea, vomiting, headaches, head pressure.
This letter is not to have a  pity party for myself, but to raise
awareness to this disease, This disease is one of the most
misdiagnosed diseases out there and takes the longest to be diagnosed
properly, It has the highest divorce rate and suicide rate.  My life
has been changed for ever, but I have chosen to take the road of
bringing awareness to others so maybe they wouldn’t get as bad as me
and looking forward to cochlear implants in the future.  Getting
patients to the right Doctor at the beginning and supporting others
with this disease so we are not alone.  I have started a support group
in Reno called the Vestibular  Association of Northern NV.  We meet
one a month and that has been such a learning experience and the best
gift ever.  I have 1 blog called and 1
facebook page called Vestibular Association of Northern NV.  There is
a lot of information being shared on both these pages, I have tried to
separate the themes of them just to make it easier for patients to get
what they need.   So please help me spread the word, invite them to my
pages and if possible buy some type of jewelry to help fundraise for
the Vestibuar Association also called VEDA a non-profit that guides
patients to local Doctor’s, education and now a has a full panel of
Doctors helping get patients to the right place.

Thank you for listening, spreading the word and contributing if you can.

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