Happy Sunday, How to treat chronic pain, illness, depression, insomnia in a different way with Dr Ruth Gentry

Happy Sunday, Yesterday we had our meeting with a guest speaker Dr Gentry. She is a Clinical Health Psychologist. Her specialty is Chronic pain, insomnia, depression and chronic illness with out having to use medications. We were so delighted to have her and She has agreed to come back and talk again along with sending me information we can use for Veda. For me the main points I got out of the meeting was her bed side manner, Very easy to talk with and so down to earth but besides that she does work with other physicians with mutual patients so they receive all around care. Dr Gentry understood our frustration on the care we receive and how building a relationship is so important for each one of us, The question is how? Dr Gentry admitted she hadn’t worked with many Vestibular patients, but mainly it’s because the Vestibular patients are not being asked how they are handeling their illness so they could be referred to someone who can actually teach them coping skills and not everyone is the same what works for one person maybe not work for another. But again she doesn’t give out medical prescriptions, she works with patients with meditation Acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) which is accepting who you have become and letting go of the person you were. Someone who lays in bed daily and has a pitty party for themselves is not going to have a positive future, but if you commit to making the best out of your situation, that’s the first battle. I know for us Dizzy people, some days are better than others, Believe I know some days it can’t be done but there is always another day. Learning your limitations, learning how to plan your schedule to make the most out of your day. Dr Gentry also recommended journaling, It could be about how your feeling, it could be to release anger, there are painting journals where people draw or paint pictures to express their feelings, there is also music therapy, talking therapy. A cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) for those who don’t know what that means it’s how your brain functions, remembers, how our brain sends messages to the rest of our bodies to function and how are sensory system works, so for me personally, my cognitive thinking is on the decline, I was tested by a actual Dr that does this for a living. In Reno his name is Ted Young, This information lets the Dr know where your thought process is failing if it is or what part of your brain is stronger than others, but they do not treat patients only test. So this information would be helpful for someone like Dr Gentry so she know what areas need the most work. She also works on Mindfulness, which is changing your thought process, not in a strange way, but a positive way of thinking so you have less pain and find ways to enjoy your life again and hopefully get you off as much medication as possible. She will be emailing me some information that hopefully we can use for our vetibular issues, She does accept insurance and has cash pay prices. She will be contacting us to come back now that she know what our group is about. So all the way around it was a great meeting and I feel like we got some great new information. and looking forward for more to come. Any comments would be appreciated for those who attended the class.

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