A speech from Wayne Dwyers! Happy Thanksgiving.

Dear Kelly,

I would like to share with you today, one of Wayne’s speeches from a previously recorded lecture he gave about separateness:

I have been blessed with 9 grandchildren. I am so proud of them and my kids. I love spending time with them and learning from their pure nature. To live with the natural desire to embrace this life and all it has to offer. As we grow older, we are formed by the tribal rules and obligations forced upon our beings, trying to make us conform to separateness and a tribal mentality that requires the approval of others. Children think freely and remain open to learning. They have no concern for being ridiculed in their creativity and fearing what others will think and say when they share their original thought. I encourage you to be like that baby you once were in terms of being joyful. You don’t need a reason to be happy. Your desire to be so is sufficient. Embrace who you are and give no apology for it. You have come into this life to learn whatever it is your soul has sought to experience in order to grow spiritually.

Wayne and his Grandkids

As you live your present moments, remember that there are no wrong roads to anywhere. There are no accidents. As we go along, there are course corrections that we can make if we choose to reroute ourselves. Every experience we have in life is there to teach us something. I have a desire to step back and allow life to guide me. I know that there have been forces, or powers, or some kind of energy that has been impacting my entire life. What seems like coincidence is truly the tapestry of our life weaved together by the many choices we make.

Trust in what your spirit has to say. Take the time to listen. Your dreams and all that you imagine is your spirit guiding you to your higher purpose. Be fearless with those thoughts and ideas. Let success choose you, and it surely will. When you let go in order to hear the call for the question, ‘How may I serve?,’ life aligns itself to help you maintain your true nature of happiness. Happiness is the energy force that creates all things. To think negatively is draining and weakens both mind and body.

Take the time today, and always, to appreciate this gift of life that we have all been given. Remember and share love with your friends and family. Forgive those souls that do not share in your path and challenge your spirit. Thank them for teaching you that you, yourself, can work to improve yourself still further in order to reach a higher self. Remember that child within and embrace him or her. Admire yourself for your life’s journey and how you grow each day to fulfill your life’s dharma.



We, at Hay House, truly value family and extend our love out to you and yours this holiday season. There is so much to be thankful for. We all definitely have a great deal of thanks for having been given the gift of knowing Wayne and being exposed to his teachings.

Best Wishes,

Reid Tracy
CEO / President

This was written by Wayne and is so appropriate for this time of year.
Kelly Suiter Gregory
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