A gift with meaning.

As people go out and spend all their time shopping, spending money on gifts, when people are sick, they don’t want things, they want love and support, they want to know you accept them illness and all.

A thoughtful gift could be A message in a bottle.  A small bottle can be purchased at any craft store, you must be able to reach your fingers in to get the letter out, add a little sand to the bottom, a sea shell and write your letter, roll really tight and put in the bottle with a bow.

Help them decorate their house for the holidays, bring a wreath, put lights outside, help decorate the tree, hand make ornaments for their tree.


Or decorate a special box, even a shoe box and have family and friends write notes of their favorite things about the person, the box is made for and prayers for there good health.  What the person means to them.  A mixture of all.


Write a coupon book, good for so many free house cleanings, car cleanings, grocery store visits, pedicure or manicure, driving the person to the Doctors, bring over a dinner, or breakfast, If you get a lot of snow, a free season of shoveling their driveway.  A free lawn mowing.   A drive to the hair salon.


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