I would like to share some of my own personal experiences with depression, Depression itself is a illness, there are so many reasons people experience depression, you can have the genetic predisposition for depression, but there can be so many other reasons, When someone expresses they are depressed or feel depressed, please take them seriously. I have experienced depression on and off for the past 10 years, I know my depression is part of my illness, feeling alone with a illness just in itself, having to say good bye to who I was and Hello to who I am. I can’t do the things that I use to do. But I have yet to have one Doctor ask me, how I am handling my illness. Life experiences can cause depression maybe not at the time you are experiencing it but one thing on top of each other can cause the depression to hit you with out even realizing it. Isolation can create depression, Not all medications work for everyone, or not everyone chooses to take medications, but it does seem to be a Doctors first choice, But I do know for me personally , exercise, meditation, my oasis, but everyone’s depression is different and at different severity.But they need support from their family, friends and to talk to their Doctor to decide what the best treatmentDepression

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