How Weather makes us feel!

I live in a area that has it’s four seasons, and I am not sure which one I like best, The weather has such a profound affect on my health and I am sure others as well.
Those with Vestibular Dysfunction, no matter degree, seem to have their symptoms worsen with weather changes, For me personally I can tell if we are getting a storm, either snow or rain 1-2 days before due to the barometric pressure. The Wind really bothers my ears, so much it causes pain, even with a simple draft in the house, It makes me dizzy right away and nauseated.
Summer really sucks for me, I am just being honest, I can’t go outside due to the heat, I turn red, pass out, can’t breath get dizzy, my husband built me a cover over part of our back yard so I can go out side for small periods of time and not get to sick. It can take just a matter of 10 minutes of gardening and I am on the ground.
Spring, well although so pretty, comes allergy season and in Reno we have the beloved tumbleweed, sage and other natural things that cause your allergies to go into over drive.
Now there’s Fall, my favorite time for color but you see in Reno, we are lucky if we have 1-2 weeks of fall, we go from Summer to fall to Winter really fast.
The weather here is so unpredictable, it can change in 5 minutes. With my Vestibular disease I can be sweating hot, feel like I am going to pass out and then I am freezing, I almost wonder if Our Vestibular system controls our temperature, I can’t control it, it has a mind of it’s own, this has only happened with my disease so it has to somehow be related, I get told wear ear plugs, well, that is like sticking a hot stick in my ear, can’t happen, or ear muffs hurt my head, hats hurt my head, sun glasses hurt my nose, ears and head. So what could we invent to protect ourselves with out causing pain. Just a thought!!!!
One more note, with my Vestibular disease I can sense a Earthquake coming, I can feel tremmers no one else can, it’s amazing what this disease has done and does.

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