We live in an Entitled Generation!!!!!

This is off topic but it’s just a thought, I went to pick up my car today it had a few scratches. They came with the car.This is my new car to me and it’s a 2008. Incredible condition, as I panicked at the thought of it getting snowed on, I laughed because it sounds so silly, but there is a reason I am so excited to get my first beautiful car at my age is, I was taught if you don’t have the cash you don’t buy it. I was also raised that through childhood you go through certain phases of when you are able to wear make up, heals, date drive a car and those are privileges not a right. It is not a entitlement to have the best newest, greatest clothes, electronics , cars or even mac makeup at 10 years old. We earn these privledges with age, behavior and at the time, if we all had everything by the time we were 10 what would we look forward to in our lives as we grow. My cars have always been used but safe but not a Beemer, I always had nice clothes but not designer, we had everything we needed but also a lesson that I have tried to give my kids, if you want that fancy car, you pay cash for it, if you want fancy clothes you have the rest of your life to own $200.00 pair of jeans and your phone might not be the latest but it works, your safe and you have one, my point is I am going to be 50 this year and Im so excited about my beautiful car if I had driven that car at 15 I wouldn’t be excited today. We all should have something exciting, but most kids have it all by 10 years old or 14. I am thrilled that my kids will always have something to be excited about and want to shoot for the stars there’s no more motivation than that. They get excited over special gifts like my sons first Italian shoes he got from His grandma in Italy. He is 24. Just something to think about our entitlement generation. I hope and pray my kids always want to strive to be better people and the rewards will come when they are ready to receive them. Just a thought.

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