How to communicate living with Vestibular Dysfunction

Well written words written by Fran Barnett about living with Vestibular Disorders.

Vestibular Disorders Association (VEDA)
February 25, 2015

TO ALL PEOPLE STRUGGLING WITH VESTIBULAR DISORDERS… THE CHOICES OF CONVERSATION….. As we survive in this big , beautiful world. We are taught and persuaded to always engage in good communication.That communication will and can be the best tool in life. So, therefore we have all participated in conversations with friends or family. We choose sometimes to talk about work, family, struggles, relatipnships, or fun things we have engaged in. So, the question remains in my head…unanswered.. How does discussing a chronic illness in a general conversation, be so often thought of as complaining or negative? For to learn and educate yourself or others, they must be discussed or read. We teach our children everyday by discussing things or reading. Sometimes, things are positive and sometimes negative. Life consists of both. HOW , we choose to handle them is what determines our existence. So, WHY…would discussing a chronic illness be any different than just a regular conversation. Is it so horrible to accept that we choose to discuss it. Does it make others feel uncomfortable. Or does maybe just the real reality of the conversation make others uncomfortable. Why would I have to watch the way I discuss it. ITS MY ILLNESS…AND I CAN CHOOSE TO DISCUSS IN My way…Whether I use it as a release, or an education process for myself and others. Or simply as a way to prepare myself for my new life. By preparing, I mean the changes you adjust to. The things you cannot engage in. Day by day, we can choose. We make our day as comfortable and easy to help us get by. EVERYONE, in life does that. So, why when a chronic illness sufferer tries to make their day easier is it any different than a healthy human doing the same. For, if we discuss how we plan our day to make it easier, we are sometimes looked upon as thinking about the illness to much, and therefore bringing it on more. IN OTHER WORDS…CAUSING OUR SYMPTOMS BY TALKING ABOUT IT. Are others so uncomfortable, because they just don’t get it. I would think to myself, that is their issue. Of course, they probably don’t get it….unless they actually got it.. But, I have found ….EXPRESSION. …To be a healthy release.. So, if communicating and expressing my feelings are so negative to others…Why, I think they should rethink it. Lets just for one day…have a healthy human spin themselves in a chair for 30 minutes. STOP…THEN….lets just see how easily you can function….Maybe. possibly…they may get it for a bit… But. Truly…I believe that we all have the right to use our words.They are yours to release your inner thoughts. NEVER HAVE I HEARD OF A LAW. RESTRICTING CONVERSATION ABOUT CHRONIC ILLNESS. So, if you feel the need to speak, go ahead. DO NOT allow others to make you feel guilty or as though you cannot express yourself. For. I have found my best medicine to be my expressing. YOU and ONLY YOU ……can determine what is best for you to manage yourself. No one else…unless they live it. So, if I choose to be positive or negative. My choice…mostly positive. Its still my choice and I determine how I will manage my new lifes reality. How others react is beyond our control, but with education we can all learn about this disorder. Making our lives a beautiful, UNIQUE, new reality. NEVER… be afraid to express yourself to others…whether positive or negative. We are who we are..just humans..not perfect..just trying to find a balanced recipe for our new life. Try to always remember the good days(positive) …..but dont feel ashamed for a bad day..(negative). I’m happy with my existence whether perfect or not. I. Now UNIQUE in a way I never knew existed. I WISH YOU ALL A UNIQUE HAPPY DAY!

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