D.A. Cole offers to stand by us !!

WONT YOU PLEASE SUPPORT THE VESTIBULAR ASSOCIATION. YOUR DONATION MAKES ALL THE DIFFERENCE TO HELP FINDING A CURE. THANK YOU. — with Cheryl Lyes and Kelly Suiter Gregory. To make a donation you can find the link to the bottom left hand side of the page under Resources and click on Vestibular Disorder Association.
D A Coles photo

For those of you that don’t know Let me introduce you to D.A. Cole and he is a Country Western singer with a awesome voice and talent and let’s just say he is very easy on the eyes. I took a chance, I asked for help!! No questions asked, he said yes. I thought there must be a robot answering on the other end, but we actually communicated back and forth and this man not only sings but he does it from the heart. How many people now in this world do that!!!! He said well figure it out but I will help. You can actually download his music from Itunes or CD Baby under David Adam Cole and or D.A.Cole.
There will be a link in the bottom left of the page under resources that will take you to that site. Please help support this generous talented man while he helps support others.

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