“Below the Rims of Heaven”, Poetry can be therapy!

I myself have been trying to figure out what is the best therapy for me, what makes me comfortable, what clicks and I will tell you the first time I picked up a book of Poetry, to be honest I didn’t understand it, all the foreign words and it didn’t make sense to me, so I never pursued reading it, let alone writing it.

Then my path crossed with a gentile man named Donnell Perryman in a swimming pool. I felt the energy from him and we clicked, we got along so fast it was like we had been friends. I felt our paths were meant to cross. I soon found out he wrote Poetry. He was nice enough to give me a copy of his book “Below the Rim of Heaven”. I wasn’t quit sure what to think until I started page 1, then 2 and then I was at the end of the book. It was in normal language, language we could all understand, I felt like I
got to know him on a deeper level because his writing came from his heart, his gut, his authentic self. The book puts you at ease of reading poetry and it’s very calming with soft photos behind the words. Its a gift to anyone that reads it.

I felt like I won a award! I understood Poetry, I understood his pain, his happiness, his heart and his soul. I am going to try Poetry and see if I can do it. But If you want to understand Poetry and what gifts you can receive from this writing, you should start out buy getting this book, not a big read, but more said in this little book than a huge self help book. You can purchase this book from www.Xlibris.com, orders@Xlibris.com, 1888-795-4274.

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