Smoking not only affects your health but others hearing impairments!

Smoking not only leads to hearing impairment issues, it also worsens existing conditions and adds to existing conditions. Supporting the deaf and hearing impaired in remaining smoke-free is critical in helping to ensure safety, health, and ending the vicious cycle of tobacco use.

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Smoking cigarettes is a constant danger. It is not only a danger to the individual smoking, but anyone in the vicinity. Second and third-hand smoke can pose a major threat to the health and safety of everyone who is exposed. Not only does smoking affect a large number of individuals who are deaf and/or hearing impaired, smoking also causes hearing loss in many individuals. The risk of partial or total hearing loss is increased substantially for those that smoke cigarettes.
Hearing Loss in Smokers

According to Audicus, smokers are up to 70% more likely to develop some form of hearing problem or another. In fact, hearing reduction and hearing loss are not uncommon. It was unknown what the source of the cause was in many cases where individuals were suffering from sudden hearing impairment. However, recent studies are now demonstrating the relationship between hearing loss and smoking.

Manufacturing workers also hold a higher percentage of hearing loss when compared to those in other lines of work. It has been discovered that noisy environments and smoking make hearing issues four times more likely. Statistically, those who work in industries where there are loud sounds repetitively or for prolonged amounts of time, those who also smoke are more likely to partially lose their hearing, or lose it completely.

Those who are already suffering from partial hearing loss are urged to quit smoking right away. If hearing is already a medical issue, in light of recent studies, smoking may compound already preexisting medical issues. This may create additional issues or worsen an existing condition. Those with suffering from sudden hearing loss may find that it is attributable to smoking, or that smoking is worsening their condition.
The Hearing Impaired

Smoking among the hearing impaired is a prevalent issue. Like most anyone who smokes, most begin smoking in their youth. It began as an experimentation and grew into a full blown addiction. Others begin smoking due to tragedy, stress, peer pressure, etc. In any event, those with hearing issues smoke for the same reasons that anyone else does. The difference being, those with medical issues are more likely to suffer additional medical issues, or suffer from a worsening of current medical issues because of smoking cigarettes.

The mortality rate for smokers is astounding. According to the CDC, cigarettes cause about one in five deaths each and every year in the United States. That adds up to well over 450,000 deaths a year. These statistical figures also represent victims of second-hand smoke exposure.
Supporting the Hearing Impaired

We are asking that all individuals stand together to help put an end to smoking among the deaf and hearing impaired. This community is proud and strong, and it deserves educational materials and further support to end smoking within their community for good. Smoking does not only lead to hearing issues, but it may also worsen existing conditions or add to existing conditions. Supporting the deaf and hearing impaired in remaining smoke-free is critical in helping to ensure their safety, preserve their health, and ending the vicious cycle of smoking.

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