Self-Sufficiency in Healthcare and Fiances, What is Essential oils all about?

Self-Sufficiency in Healthcare & Finances
Surapala Dasa·Monday, May 2, 2016
By Surapala Dasa
Healthy, Wealthy & Happy
Our greatest asset – health
It is no secret that our physical and mental well-being has a crucial influence on the quality of our daily life and our efficiency in professional career. However, the unfortunate reality is that members of our society are often deprived of access to consistent healthcare of an adequate standard. The cause of this issue may be attributed to physical proximity, a lack of proper education, exorbitant costs of modern treatment or many other reasons. In any case, the fact remains that the lack of sufficient healthcare is a major concern for the members of our society.
How can we develop a practical solution to take care of our love one’s need for proper healthcare? Are there any preventative measures one can take in the comfort of their own homes? Is it feasible to provide l with affordable or even better, a free healthcare program?

The Source of All Remedies

One of the greatest philosophers of modern time mentioned, “The first necessity is that you should be self-sufficient. That is God’s arrangement.” [Srila Prabhupada, Mauritius, Oct.2, 1975]
Self-sufficiency refers to all aspects of our lives, including healthcare. The rising costs of doctor’s visits and prescription medications have made it difficult for many members of our society to properly care for themselves and their loved ones. Simultaneously, as a society we have become over dependent on the current Western medical model of which synthetic pharmaceutical drugs are the backbone. This has resulted too often in a cycle of prescribing “too fast and too much”. Solutions are focused on reducing symptoms and managing side effects while the search for organic cures which are in harmony with the body are put on the backburner.
In the USA, the current condition of public healthcare has led many to seek alternatives. Economic hardships as well as a massive rise in costs for medical treatments have driven many persons, especially families with young children, to seek more cost-effective ways to meet their healthcare needs. This tendency has steadily grown for many years, shown by a report that there have been more visits to alternative healthcare providers than to conventional medical practitioners every year since 1991.
Taking into consideration the current scenario, what would be that ultimate remedy for all of us?
The Haling Herb in the Form of Essential Oil
As we know in the past the remedies derived from fresh herbs were sufficient in themselves for treating maladies and improving one’s health. However, due to environmental degradation, soil depletion, and many similar factors, it is necessary to extract the healing potency from thousands of herbs to experience the same remedial force they were originally instilled with.
Essential oils are simply aromatic compounds carefully extracted from various healing plants and herbs found throughout the world. By steam distillation or cold-pressing the plant matter, growers are able to craft oils that are 50-70 times more potent than the equivalent dried herb. Being pure extracts, essential oils have incredible power to heal, invigorate, and revive the body and mind; an experience easily available to those who try them. Through careful extraction processes the aromatic compounds of dozens of seeds, barks, roots, flowers, and herbs are harnessed into powerful elixirs for healing the body and mind.
Essential oils have a remarkable symbiotic relationship with the human body and brain. Being organic substances, essential oils are readily assimilated and metabolized by the body much like food nutrients. Rather than causing the disturbances that many foreign substances inflict on the body, essential oils have shown to have powerful healing effects both in contemporary studies and ancient history. Evidence shows that essential oils have been used as far back as 2,500 BCE, with references to their use both in the Abrahamic texts and the
Vedic literature. In bygone ages the medicinal, therapeutic and spiritual applications for essential oils such as Frankincense, Myrrh, and Sandalwood were well-known. With the reevaluation of modern medicine has come a booming interest in holistic approaches to healthcare and a rediscovery of the profound effects of essential oils.
Essential oils are revolutionizing millions of people’s approach to healthcare, especially in the West. Families and the average individual are not the only ones taking advantage of this shift but also a growing number of allopathic medical practitioners and researchers. To date, over 30,000 scientific articles in some of the world’s top medical journals have been published. As the research mounts, more within the medical profession are implementing essential oils into their own hospitals and clinics.
By various application methods essential oils can be used to mitigate a wide range of emotional and physical ailments. Used alone or combined in complex blends, essential oils can be applied directly to the skin, inhaled, diffused into the air, and even taken internally. Their effectiveness comes without the warning of major side effects or risk of addiction when used appropriately. The wonderful effects of many essential oils are appreciated by children and loved ones of all ages.
The Ausadham Team provides Nature’s Medicine
The Ausadham team was established to help every individual to rediscover Nature’s natural remedies: herbs, in the easy to use form of essential oils. By promoting a safe and effective self-care alternative we are helping others not only attain relief of symptoms but achieve long-term management of health problems.
The rediscovery of these organic healing techniques will provide an alternative to the controversial allopathic model of medicine, thus bringing holistic approaches to wellness into every home. A proliferation of sustainable models of health care, based on what Nature created for us, will not only impact our bodily vitality but will also provide an opportunity for users to turn their attention back to the real source of healing – the Nature of the Supreme Creator.
Though there are many essential oils of various brands on the market, most of them are unfortunately synthetic. Even those oils which are pure are not equal in their healing potency. The goal of the Ausadham team is to provide to the society with access to the highest quality and purest essential oils available on the market today. These oils are sourced from plants grown and harvested in their natural habitat.
As we know popular maxim: “purity is the power.” The state of the art testing procedures employed by leading manufacturers make it possible to maintain the unadulterated, original nature of essential oils, and thus guarantee their quality, safety, and efficacy. With great excitement and enthusiasm we are ready to share these superior quality essential oils with others.
Having been blessed by many great personalities who use these essential oils with great satisfaction, the Ausadham team would like to encourage all other members of society to take advantage of them and improve their health. Thus the mission of our Ausadham Team is to empower all individuals to be self-sufficient in caring for their own health and health of their love ones.
The goal of Ausadham team is not only to facilitate a medicinal revolution but also to provide an excellent model for individuals in supplementing or replacing their income, contributing even more to the self-sufficiency of our society. Thus born out of the Ausadham team is the department called Varna Prosperity Network. This initiative is meant to provide the perfect home-based, sattvic business opportunity to all in need. Simple economics shows the potential – the products we promote are highly in demand, they are affordable, and they are incredibly effective. Sharing them is simple, exciting, and rewarding.
As a concluding message the team would like to ask all of you who have ever considered using natural medicine, have a passion to share good news with others, and would be interested in supplementing or replacing their income – we offer you an opportunity to change your life and others!
It is our sincere desire to see every individual happy, healthy, and prosperous. Thus we invite you and encourage you to take part in the mission of the Ausadham team. We offer educational seminars, mentoring, and private consultations. For more information, please contact us directly at:
Krishnamayi & Surapal
(702) 324-7882

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