Last night I went out of my comfort box and went to the Kenny Rogers concert since I was in California, My first since being sick, I saw the venue, it was outside and I panicked because I don’t do the sun. Then I saw the sign that said no Camera’s. Panic. My Camera is my best friend , The Security card checked my Camera case and saw the camera and winked and said Have a good night. Thank god, I was seated by a lady that was handicapped and neither one of us knew the venue was outside. In the camera case was sunscreen. I bring it every where I go, noticed the lady sitting next to me and I offered her my sun screen, She said” wow people don’t go out of there way to be nice anymore, thank you” she used it and gave it back. Well with out realizing her story, and just simply smiled at her she went on to tell me her husband had passed 5 years prior and they use to dance to Kenny Rogers and her mothers day gift was tickets to the concert from her son. when one particular song came on I forgot the name, she started crying, really crying, I put my arm around her and said it’s going to be ok, she really then started crying and hugged me, which mind you my arm in in a sling, but she needs me more than focusing on the pain. She said this was our song. I started crying I told her I was sorry, but imagine him dancing up in heaven watching over you. She held my hands and we both shared tears. Then she asked me about my arm, Explained all the vestibular stuff and that I had just been to a support group,and She asked a lot of questions about my disease and I was just basic in my information so we could get back to the concert..We still heald hands, she was really struggling with the songs. Well Kenny Rogers sang this song.

She looked at me and said I devote this song to you, You are a Hero to more than you know. I looked her and said I am not a Hero I just care, She said you are my Hereo and I know and I can see in your eyes and heart you area a true Hero and Angel, I said Thank you of course. We hugged exchanged e mails and parted ways. It was a heart warming experience. Again blessed to meet another friend.

Lessons for us all to learn, We don’t know someones story, Just a little kindness goes a long way. Please be kind to stranger you never know their story. You never know what a difference you can make. This is not a to brag this is to spread the word of kindness to everyone you can, you just don’t know when you can make someones day.


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