The DNA Journey! Racism !

We all have been told has children what are nationality is. I was raised in a racist generation, I knew it was wrong, I was friends with everyone, I didn’t care about what anyone thought, I have been friends with all walks of life, I made a conscious decision as a child, I wouldn’t be racist. I knew it was wrong as a little girl, I even told my father if he talked racist in front of my children he would not be around them, that’s how strongly I felt, I was even told I was a bad influence and my cousin couldn’t come over because I was a bad influence because I had a friend of color. A dear special friend that will be in my life forever. I went out of my way to protect my kids from racist conversation and made every one of there friends feel comfortable in our home, it didn’t matter their nationality . I my kids do not have one ounce of racism in them for that I couldn’t be prouder. Children learn by example. Please watch the video below. It’s hits the nail on the head.

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