Its Campaign time again!!! Please Help!!!

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It’s that time of year again, I hate ask for donations, but it is so important to keep spreading the word on this disease, I will give you an update on my health since the last campaign, I have gotten worse, My ears have stabilized, My eyes are changing all the time, my drop attacks (collapsing with out notice or any warning) have increased to a minimum of 2 a week. So my Urgent Care and ER visits are becoming more frequent. As my youngest says “I look like a Banana” from all the bruising, torn rotator cuff, Brace on my one leg, Brace on the other ankle, 2 black eyes and scares that are really gross. This Campaign is not for me, it is for the, They are really the only place to get information and resources, Dr’s names, someone to turn to by Skype, phone call, support group, how ever it works for the individual patients. We call every new patient to see how they are doing and really give them that sense of community and not being alone in this tortuous disease. I myself as Ambassador have reached out to others out side of NV, I have written a letter to every Govenor in the US asking for them to send out a health bulletin about this tortuous disease, I have contacted AARP. Readers Digest, that have both responded with final questions, Also reaching out to the Airline retirement chapters seeing if they need help and information. So I am doing the best I can, If you can help even a little, It would so be appreciated. Kelly

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