Just be happy easier said then done.

want to be happyHow many times have we all hear “Just be happy” Isn’t that everyone’s dream? But with the way the world the way it is today, between the news, toxic work environments, toxic people in our life, stress, Illness or family members illness, it’s really not that easy. I started a gratitude journal and I love it. But I find that’s not enough, going to a counselor just seemed one expensive and two looking at the back of one more yellow note pad might just might make me even more depressed. I am a happy person by nature and I know this will pass, I just happened to have a lot of things that happened at once, and who hasn’t. I believe in comes in three’s. But maybe what makes me a little different is I try to look at the entire picture, Can I change the situation? Did I cause the situation? Can I fix it? If not to all those things than I have to maybe be a little down for a couple of days and work myself out of it. Do the things I enjoy, drawing, painting, photography, simply looking at beautiful flowers, watching my dogs play. I have learned that thinking of shopping isn’t going to fix it or drinking or drugs, never been that type of person and I might need to just turn off the phone a couple of days and ya know what, no matter who get’s mad at you, its ok. You won’t please everyone, sometimes you have to just take a break!! and if you have to get a new job! What job is worth your life? None! If you have toxic people in your life? Why? Just move on, the older I get the less friends I need. I mean in that in a good way, I would rather have a few really good supportive friends, than a ton of friends talking about there latest plastic surgery. Real friends, Real people are the people I want to surround myself with and there are not a lot of them around. Even when it comes to family. You can try, try , try and never get one ounce of friendship in return, maybe you don’t make enough money for them, maybe you don’t fit in their life style, maybe you don’t party, it doesn’t matter, what matters is you! Let it go, let them go. I found in my past when I had to let someone go, I didn’t want to hurt them, it’s not in my nature, So I write them a letter, really heartfelt and burn it. It releases my negative thoughts and lets them go at the same time. I didn’t hurt anyone, I am saving myself.

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