Guest Blogger Kara Lund! Women and the health benefits of horses.

Let me introduce Kara Lund my guest blogger, below she will let you know the benefits for women and horses.

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Welcome, ladies! The purpose of this blog is to show you how a horse can be the connection you need to begin or continue your journey to emotional healing. As you read, you might discover this has your “name all over it”–especially if you have realized that you might be hiding behind a seemingly insurmountable wall of emotions. You may find yourself unsure of how to handle them, or what steps to take next. Ask yourself: Do I find it hard to make decisions that shouldn’t be that hard to make? Basic, but essential decisions that are extremely difficult or are nearly impossible are necessary for you to make changes in your life to regain control over your happiness, emotions and/or social ties. It seems like there should be an easy way to do this, and I wish that there were. There was a time in my life when I was convinced that there was a miracle pill that would fix it all for me. Life would be simple, because the pill would fix everything, and take away my extreme ups-and-downs. All I found, at the end of the day, was that the anti-depression medications and pain pills only treated the symptoms of a larger issue. They allowed me to hide from the real solution and made me numb to the idea of actual, transformational changes in my life. Making that emotional transition isn’t easy, but I will tell you it is possible to find thblog image 1 e strength within you. When you find it, you will want the changes so badly, that you can’t wait for tomorrow to arrive.

Every student who take basic and/or therapeutic horseback riding lessons with me hears these two things:

1. If it were easy, anyone would do it.

2. The hardest part about riding a horse is the ground.

These two simple concepts apply to our lives every day! One of the most amusing things I have found in horseback riding is that all seasoned riders are–in a strangely connected way–pretty darn proud of taking a fall from a horse, because you have only two choices at that point: walk away or get back on. Like life, it is really scary, but so rewarding when we overcome that fear and are able to look back and learn from that fall! We make the changes in our riding so that we try to keep it from happening again, and fix the reason that caused us to fall, as we try to do throughout our lives. Now, to be truthful here, in the 2 1/2 years that I have been instructing, I have had a whopping 4 clients fall off. Although, in the short 6 years of becoming the horsewoman I have become, I have fallen more times than I can count! On a good note, I was never seriously physically injured–only my pride was dented a couple of times. I must have learned a couple of things, because it has been about 2 years since my last fall off a horse (and yes, I am knocking on wood and saying my prayers right now!).

At this point, you may be asking yourself, what does this girl really know, anyway? Well, I’m about to tell you; but first, you have to decide if you are ready–really ready to make the changes you really need to have a happier and an emotionally healthier life?

I can tell you what changes I have heard and seen in the people that have come to me and learn to ride, connect, and bond with my horses. Before I get started telling you about some very empowered ladies, you should know this: I am not a psychotherapist, I am not a doctor, nor do I claim that I can fix anyone or everyone. I do believe that my horses are amazing creatures, and are very willing to help you give this a chance. They are truly a blessing from God–because they found me! I was just willing and open to learn from them. During lessons, I am only there as my horses’ “assistant”; I help my clients feel comfortable with the horses, and I help my clients learn to communicate with them in a their own language, ensuring the horses can share with our clients just how easy it is to have their own reliable “horse sense”, otherwise known as common sense—something we all have, but don’t all trust to use properly. As we start to connect and trust the horse, our own “horse sense” begins to wake up and come alive within us. The choices and changes we need or want to make in our lives become clearer and easier. On a more personal level, I do believe that it is important to find your faith in this crazy, yet rewarding journey. For me, I had to trust in the Lord that blog image 2I was walking the right path. I know that I wouldn’t be doing this, on this journey, without Him showing me the way every second of every day!

I have several inspirational instances that I could share with you, but we would be here for a while–so I am going to share with you two of the most important and insightful. The first happens to be my most recent client. She is a great illustration of someone who found that anti-depression medication didn’t seem to be making her feel like she was in charge of her emotions. Recently, after discussing the situation with her doctor, she decided to stop her medication and start the journey of finding herself (always talk to your medical practitioner before stopping any medication). She started coming out to the arena for random rides, once a month or so—kind of a treat–something that was “just for her”. She found, through riding, a reason to begin listening to her own common sense. After finishing a ride she posted this on her Facebook timeline:

“Just had the best morning on a horse ride. Much better than Prozac to help me get through a stressful 2 weeks.”

Later that week, she told me that her husband has decided to start treating her to horseback rides instead of spa treatments. The breakthrough has begun for her; it is only the beginning, but she already feels that she has found a way to start healing, find her true self and trust her own feelings. She has become more comfortable with her emotions and realizes that it is okay to have them and to talk through with them as they occur. Who wouldn’t want that?

My second client that I want to share with you is the one “I never saw coming”! She not only has impressed me more times than I can keep count, but she has actually taken my breath away by how incredibly resilient she is. I met this special girl–we will call her Elizabeth, when she was 14 years old. For many years she shared with her parents her extremely strong desire to learn how to ride horses. Through a friend at school, who was a volunteer with my business partner, they found me. I love it when clients are extremely motivated to learn all they can, as fast as they can about horses. Elizabeth wasn’t messing around, and her rapid growth in her ability earned her the opportunity to ride my upper-level horse, Flash. I quickly recognized that this girl has an amazing work blog image 3ethic, not inherently typical of teenagers today. When she wasn’t taking lessons, she was offering to volunteer with us, and do whatever we needed her to do. It didn’t matter to her what job I gave her, she never wasted time, and came back asking for more. Besides getting to be with the horses on the ground, I always let my volunteers go for a ride when possible. I value the desire to ride, and I truly appreciate the help; money is tight, so what better way to get paid? We became friends quickly, and she started working with me outside at several other barns that I care for outside of teaching horseback riding lessons. As we became closer, Elizabeth shared with me how her parents’ break up troubled her. At one point, she hit a real low, and was finding it hard to feel motivated in life. I asked her what changed, because the girl I saw never showed that side to me. She looked at me and softly said “…Horses.” I hadn’t even recognized what a role my horses had played in her life. I thought I was just teaching her how to ride, and just being a friend. How amazing is it that there is a natural healing that takes place when we interact with horses, very much like many other animals do in our lives.

I am extremely blessed that God lead me to this place in my life. I have always had a passion for horses; deep down, I knew I was meant to be involved with them. I never, in my wildest dreams, would have thought that I would get to serve others in such a way that would allow me to be the assistant to three 1200-pound healers! God uses them to help heal me and give me peace every day!

Perhaps they might do the same for you?

About Kara Lund

Kara has always had a passion for horses and helping people. Horses have always been a part of her life, even during her 18 years in the dental field as a dental assistant. Although, in was only 6 years ago she found her niche…As the new owner of a very green, 4 year old Arab named Jordon. He taught her many valuable lessons that affected her life in an extremely positive way. Kara started Equine Sense so that she can teach Equine Facilitated Learning and Basic riding lessons, and share all those valuable experiences with her students. The same therapy that changed her life, could impact yours as well. You can find Kara on Facebook at Equine Sense or visit or call 734.323.1875.

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