Just what exactly is Hemp Oil?

Hemp leaf photo

I decided I was going to try Hemp Oil, but I had to research exactly what it was, Wanted to make sure there wasn’t any THC in it. I didn’t want to add that to my medications already on board. I would be the one that got in trouble with it. So I wanted to be very careful was I was getting myself into.

The difference between Hemp is Hemp is the sister or part of the Marijuana family but with out the THC, so there is no getting high or feeling loopy, it’s comes from a Seed.

There are 3 different types of Hemp, Hemp Oil, Hemp Protein powder, Hemp seeds mixed in with hemp flower, usually found in the bulk section. The main difference of the three of the Hemp types is Hemp seeds with the Hemp flour can be used in smoothies or baking, but is gritty by nature, so you would want to blend it first to get it smaller unless the grittiness wouldn’t bother you, The seeds them self with the flour provide a lot of protein, fiber, Omega’s it’s focus is mostly protein. I personally wouldn’t like the grittiness or the texture and my family would definitely notice the texture in baking with it. The Protein Powder is used for Smoothies and baking and has the same properties but is smooth like flour. The Main reason for this Protein mostly, fiber, anti-inflammatory purposes and not so much for cardiovascular. So I chose the Pure cold pressed Hemp oil. I wanted all the Omega 3, Omega 6 properties along with GLA Gammma Linolenic acid and stearidonic acid, This is all for cardiovascular health, neurological health, healing the brain, and anti-inflammatory for your entire body. That being said it provides o protein, sugar, fat and no fiber, the only the property I was looking for. The Power and the seed provide so much protein and fiber, I was afraid of intestinal issues, because I am very sensitive. So for me I didn’t need the protein or fiber only the benefits for the heart and used as a anti-inflammatory. Since the seed and Protein powder is packed with fiber, you may want to start off a little bit at a time and gradually increase over time.

If you want to hole property of the hemp, you might be happier with the flour/seed mixture or the protein powder. It says to use 1 scoop of the powder per day, and 1 scoop of the power/seed, 1 tbsp of the Hemp oil per day. They claim it has a nutty flavor, but I found it to be more like grassy flavor but I had cinnamon and turmeric to my shake so I didn’t taste it all.

If I did have my blood drawn it would show zero THC. My first tbsp was today, I had zero site effects. So I will keep you updated. So far no bad taste in the mouth, no stomach upset, no indigestion! Kelly

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