The Vagus Nerve and what it does!

I have interesting bit of data I just read about! Thought I would share, since I seem to be rare one with all the strange issues. I have been experiencing spasms in my throat, when Vertigo really bad, I have been choking, coughing and then my voice gets really deep and then beloved diarrhea , Well my ENT said Nothing related to my disease. My Gastric Doctor said absolutely it does . So I thought I would research . Vegas Nerve!!!!! Let me copy and paste article so it makes more since. Now I can’t find it. So I will explain Our Vagus nerve has 10 branches that lead from the brain to form certain functions, to runs through the brain to your eyes, ears, through all the way down to the colon. Now what I found interesting was how much the nerve does, it sends messages to our brain when to go to the bathroom, can interfere with sight and hearing, fainting spells or drop attacks and also sending messages for your esophagus to work correctly produce saliva, swallow, So when my Vertigo is there or really bad, I have diarrhea, drop attacks, vomiting , and recently my voice has been changing, more deep in sound, coughing more and actually the scariest is I have a choking sensation. Neurologist says it has nothing to do with anything unless you have a stroke it can cause one side of the face arm ect to droop, choking, and that can also be in als, ms patients and several other diseases. But now After researching myself, I find out this lovely nerve is causing my choking sensation, coughing, deeper voice, eye issues and the nerve go past the ear. Hello!!!!! My Diarrhea all it. I am not saying I don’t have Vestibular Dysfunction because I do and my autoimmune disease, but all that affects the one nerve!!!
At least I am not crazy, all different Dr’s with different opinions but now there is actual data I can bring to my Doctor to show him. What can be done, I don’t know, I don’t want any surgery, No more meds, I am happy to live on protein shakes to keep me from choking. But it’s so amazing to me, that again, Not only did I have to research the test that proved my illness, research my own treatment and now I can educate all the Dr’s that I see what your Vagus nerve does and if not in working order because of my health issues you get more symptoms. It even sends messages to your heart. So frustrating that not one Dr acknowledges this issue. Now that get the rath of me!!!! I just thought I would share with all of you in case these issues happen to you. Kelly Anne Helsel

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