Hello my dear friends, I have some updates to share, The Doctors are looking into the cause of my drop attacks increasing and symptoms worsening, The Vegus nerve , so The cure for that is a pacemaker and defibulator placed, They are also considering gastric bypass so I can eat or a feeding tube. its a lot to take in, alot to absorb, but for those of you know me, my stubborness won’t let this interfere with my work, but if it gives me a better quality of life, then its worth the risk. Staying away from negativity is so important and to continue my mission to help others. but a lot of more rest, sleep and protein shakes, no more trips down to the creek until I am stronger. So any prayers you can send my way, Would so appreciated and keeping lines of communication open since I won’t be going out a lot. I love you guys, Its because of of you and my family I keep fighting. And of course my supportive dear friends and my Vestibular family, thanks for always being there.  Nothing set in stone yet, so maybe they will find other options and rest the better.  Kelly

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