What life is living with Pots!

I thought living with a Vestibular dysfunction was hard enough, but living with Pots! well, so far ever Doctor when they look at my diagnosis, they just look sad and say there sorry.  The most difficult part is not knowing what’s in store for me, and the Doctors can’t tell you.  The fact is they don’t know.

Pots is very rare, I feel like I have always been the rare one, never got the flu, normal colds, always the strange diagnosis’s.   The ability to function as normal is gone,   my energy has been depleted, my nausea increased, headache pressure extreme,  Legs weaker, shortness of breath, chest discomfort, Trying to not look at is as a my health declining, but a new challenge, researching my illness and treatment centers.  Try to be proactive, find out what others with my disease have found what things have improved there life.

I believe in my spirit guiding me in the right direction to find maybe not a cure for my disease but a easier way to live with it.


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