What you need to know about your spirit!!! By Luitha Tamaya

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If I could share 500 words to inspire, this is the important wisdom I’d want to pass along to others…

You are loved and held safe beyond anything you can imagine.

As you live your life, know that even when everything seems like it’s falling apart, the whole world is in chaos and you can’t make sense of any of it – you are loved, and you are safe. You are with Spirit.

You are a light in the world, a light of infinite joy that can never be put out or hidden. You are a blessing born from the heart of Spirit, and so long as you remember that you can and will find peace in any situation.

As you make the meaning of your life, choosing who you want to become and how you want to affect the world around you, know that whatever you choose is perfect and valuable to Spirit.

Spirit doesn’t want you to be someone else, or your image of someone else, no matter how ‘spiritual’, ‘kind’ or ‘successful’ they appear to be.

The immense value that you hold for the world comes from you – your truth, your unique way of seeing the world, your way of being alive. Spirit loves you for you, and accepts any and all choices, values, desires and dreams that you have within you.

Know that as you make mistakes, falter, fall down, get back up and try again, you are loved, and you are safe. You are never alone, and there is always help available if you can only remember to ask for it.

There is no mistake that you could ever make that would exile you from Spirit. There is nothing that you could fail at, be hurt by, or do wrong that would make Spirit abandon you.

You are always connected to the infinite source of all life, which we call Spirit, and to each other. You are always part of the world, and it would not be whole without you.

The choices that you make matter, the love that you give and receive matters, the suffering that you heal matters, the beauty that you create matters, the life that you live matters. It is a shining light, one of billions upon billions, that combined are the stuff of Spirit, the reason for and fabric of existence.

There is nothing you can do, and nothing that can happen, that can alienate you from that connection with Spirit and with its love.

You are loved. You are safe. And you are Sacred.

I love this article, I believe in spirituality, I believe it is the core of our being. I believe our spirits guide us on our journeys, whether we make mistakes or not as long as your spirit is alive and you allow your spirit to be awakened, your life has so many possibilities and if you follow your spirit you can’t be disappointed.


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