What a difference a Doctor with Bedside manner can make??

This Video was so amazing to me, He actually seems like he went into medicine to help people.   The patients he talked about were me, I am the one that comes into the office with 200 pages of records of all the specialist that have left me leave the room with so much as a recommendation.   Watching this Doctor brought tears to my eyes, I am this patient who holds on to hope for a cure, a answer a Dr to spend time with me and not just tell me”We all die of something”  It’s been 10 years and 39 Dr’s and facilities including Salt Lake City Hospital, it was beautiful, clean but received the worst care, although driving up there for 9 hours for biopsy’s, the Doctor looked at me and said “Na” you don’t need biopsy’s with out any questions, the next Dr head of ENT department said well, there is nothing we can do for you here.  Went to Stanford, same response, It took my own stubbornness to find a test used in other countries to give me at least part of my diagnosis, It took my stubbornness and willingness to call specialty clinics and pay $500.00 per call for a opinion on my treatment, only to find out the meds I had been on do nothing for my disease.  St Mary’s Hospital in Reno, had the real human touch by seeing me by robot.  Yes Robot.  Still no answers.  Renoun Hospital in Reno, still no answers.  So this Dr still gets what patients need,  but they are to busy trying to get in as many patients in as possible.  I can’t tell you how many Doctors appointments I left crying, Being accused as a pain med seeker.  I wasn’t even on them.  Never asked for them.  I refused to pay that copay.  So this is worth reading, although I am thrilled there are Dr’s with bedside manner out there, there are far to many with egos, o bedside mannor.  This was a great Ted Talk.





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