How can a Service Dogs help those with Invisible Illnesses.

Service Dogs can being a big plus for those with invisible illnesses.  Depending on the illness and what is needed,   For instance,  A Service dog, can open refrigerator door, cabinet door, retrieve water for the patient, grab snacks, bring a blanket, bring clothes to the patient, shoes, pick up objects off the floor that the patient dropped but most of all some dogs can be trained to detect seizures, drop attacks, fainting spells and worn the patient before it occurs, specially for children to prevent accidents or serious injuries.

The Con is, to find a good trained service dog, could be as high as $17,000 plus training.  Local organizations might have people that have donated for others to get the service Dog, so make sure you check or local organizations in your area, they may be able to help with the cost in the dog or the training.  Another Con a lot of people with invisible illnesses have allergies, so in picking a service dog, make sure to consider the Allergy factor, Poodles, labradoodles are a fantastic choice because they don’t shed.

Having a Service dog should never be something to be embarrassed about, but can be for some.  But from someone who has a invisible illness, I would love a service Dog to help me detect when I am going to have a drop attack, or pick up something off the floor because If I bend over I get so dizzy, nausea, vomiting, ect, to me it would be a blessing, but the for a disabled person on disability, its just not in the funds.  But for those who can afford it!!!! What a blessing to that patient.  Child or adult.



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