Post concussion Syndrome

I am sure everyone has heard of Concussions, but Did you know there is a Post Concussion Syndrome?  I didn’t and I found out the hard way.  I wish I could say I was doing a great jump on skies and got a concussion, but in all honesty, I had a drop attack.  For those of you don’t know what a drop attack it is, Its when you fall for know reason or warning, I fell on ceramic tile floor in my kitchen.  Would think your own home is no safe!  I didn’t go to the hospital and tell them what happened, so I waited, I noticed 2 days later the skull pain was getting worse and I couldn’t remember anything and my vision changing and extreme nausea.  So I went to ER.   Well had a CT that showed a concussion and they thought whip lash.  Went home on meds for pain and I saw my family practice and said I needed to be quiet, no stimulation.  I started feeling better but the memory was getting worse and the skull pain was a 15 out of -1-10, so I went back and they repeated the Ct scan and said it was Post Concussion Syndrome can last as little as a couple weeks, months or as long as a year.  The memory loss is the scariest part to me but the skull pain feels like your head is in a vice being squeezed you think it's going to pop,  Also extreme tinnitus, but that is something I had been use to but it increased big time.  So just because It wasn't a ski jump, a dance fall or a car wreck, it can be serious and head trauma should be evaluated as soon as possible. 

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