What it feels like to have a heart attack

I have been not blogging as much lately due to health issues.  I wanted to explain to you what it feels like to have a heart attack,  There are so many symptoms that are different for each person.

chest tightness





pain down the arms

chest pain



back pain


neck pain.

For me it I had received the ok  that there was nothing wrong with my heart, I traveled out of town for some new testing being one on the Autonomic System (follow up article on that soon)  and felt ok

I went to dinner and while eating I was starting to feel like I had a corset being pulled tighter so I thought I had something in my throat, so I started drinking water and no relief.  I thought to myself, I have never felt this way, that tightness was getting tighter and tighter, but no pain, no shortness of breath at the time. no pain down the arm.  We decided to pay the bill and get to the ER.  I was literally unconscious , they cut my clothes off and I really didn’t feel that much pain just the tightness, a feeling of a rubber band feeling around my chest.    I did hear “We are loosing her”  But I was at peace with that except I kept thinkin about my boys, then I would pass out again.  I  gave it to god and just let go and figured what ever is going to happen I have no control.  There was a positive Troponin test and then a negative but with one positive that said I had a heart attack.  I don’t remember anything, I heard then saying they were going to use the paddles but just kept injecting meds and I didn’t feel any of it, I remember seeing my heart rate at 180 then it came down to 160 and another injection , I don’t remember anything after that except I had to have a heart surgery ,  I woke up from surgery a freezing of the heart which is a new ablation and they can while its defrosting burn  the abnormal firing of your electrical system. not knowing what had happened.  I was by myself so I still was scared being by myself, could it happen again, I was afraid    Alone.  I had no family there.  There is nothing worse than being in the hospital Critical care unit by myself for 11 days, I did have a visit from  family from  the other side just not mine,  That hurt more than the heart attack.

But I moved passed that and am focusing on my health.    I needed to let go of the negativity I needed to focus on me, my heart so I can be here for my kids.  the others that choose to not visit well that’s there issue and something they have to live with, because I could have not made it!  that’s something they will have to deal with.

After the procedure, No one realized I was internally bleeding, So that was another even more painful experience that won’t be going away anytime soon, the Hematoma actually moved my uterus, sitting on my bladder which you can imagine hurt and continues to hurt.  So even though everything didn’t go smoothly, I am alive.

My reasoning for this article is not for sympathy but so people recognize signs for a heart attack and even though you have given a clean bill of health by a cardiologist and electro physiologist that means nothing, you need to listen to your heart and your gutt and if you feel things are not right get a second opinion.  And Remember  Everyone feels a heart attack differently, It’s not  so much what we see on TV and you may feel it differently, Time is your best friend so if you are feeling something new like I did, it happened so fast,  If I didn’t listen to my gut maybe a different decision would have been set up differently and I wouldn’t be here today.  It’s better to be safe then sorry.


Have a great day!


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