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Water Celery!  Lives in water, blooms blue flowers and creeps and crawls. Herbs can grow either alone in a pot or mixed in your normal flower garden. I found going to different nursery’s that specialize in different types of plants and flowers, succulents are very easy to grow depend on where you live. For me, specially living in NV it’s all trial and error. Some succulents survive our winter’s and some don’t. When you plant think about whether or not you want this plant in your home in the winter to protect them or are you going to build a greed house or are you going to toss them. I don’t have enough light in my house for a lot of plants to survive so I limit my plants that won’t survive our winter’s unless protected. And living in NV we can have extreme doubts, so for me, I water specially our trees every couple of days and I add enough water by the size of the trunk of the tree, They don’t fragile, dried out ect. Here in NV a sure win is Roses, they love heat and they survive the winter. There are so many books out there to help you on your journey to a wonderful garden, but my biggest enjoyment is Herbs, which can come back yearly, it’s a gamble in this state. But I cut them down every few weeks, dehydrate them in my dehydrator BS grind them down. So I always have fresh Herbs, with out preservatives or fillers. They also become great gifts for people. I don’t rely on the books, I rely on the nursery’s, they know what will live here and what will not survive. I find the Home Depot and Lowe’s are not very helpful, so the smaller local nursery’s seem to not only be more knowledgeable, they know what survives in your area. I did do something different this year, I did a Herb garden in a wine barrel, then a tea garden in another. Have fun with it, it’s peaceful, I enjoy being out there but with my illness I can’t be out to be in the sun, so it’s really in the morning or dusk and always sunscreen and umbrella.

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