A letter to yourself

There maybe times when the best way to heal whether it be through journaling, a letter to your self and it doesn’t particularly have to be at  any age, any topic, sometimes just getting stuff off your mind helps.

I wrote a letter to myself on major mistakes I made in my life, A letter what I would have told myself before the mistake was made and what I learned about what I had done and what I could have done better.

Example:  I wrote to my self about my first marriage, really thought about what I would have told myself before I married this man, I had to do some deep thinking, but during the process, I really figured out why I did it?  and it wasn’t just because it was a stupid decision!  So because of that and made me grow from understanding why I did what I did , so I wouldn’t make that decision again.  Then it also made me think about what is important to myself if there was to be a second marriage, but I wanted to be aware of the why!  Not beat myself up over it! I am not perfect, but it made me understand.

So just think about that as a option to help heal old wounds.  forgiving yourself, understand your thought process at the time and what you could do differently.  Doesn’t have to be on every decision you have made you could just pick the biggest decisions you have made.

Just a thought for the day.


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