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After having a stroke or any major health issue, there tends to be a lack of empathy, sympathy, compassion and understanding of your struggles you go through during your recovery. Jane Crane ha a stroke, she expressed her feelings regarding her fear of her future. Jane was invited by the Anne Arundel Medical Center in MD, where her outpatient rehabilitation program had been located. Jane has recommended to begin a mentoring program for patients, she did attend some training, Hearing others experiences from the same illness makes you feel less alone, understands fear and other emotions that go along with illness.

The Christopher & Dana Reeve foundation for example, offers national certification program with video conference training sessions, MedStar National rehabilitation Network in Washington, DC offers programs for traumatic brain injury (TBI and stroke patients. The University of Michigan medical center with offers several programs for neurologic conditions, created a training tool kit for other mentoring programs to use.

To Join a mentoring program contact your local hospital, check with your Dr’s staff about a peer mentoring programs related to your conditions. The National Multiple Sclerosis Society offers a newly diagnosed mentor program. To sign up and get more information call 800-344-4867. To contact the Christopher Reeve foundation ( There program deals with any condition that impacts illness.

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