2 thoughts on “Happy Saturday inspiration!”

  1. It dose, when a pray is said for the blessing that you will recive in that day, come in times when you need them most. To have gratitude and grace you have to be homble. You will see the grace God has for you.

    1. I so agree, and pray all the time for everyone, our world, my family, friends, my beloved dog Daisy, my friend Waverly, Paul VanDort, Dr Stan Thompson, people that have impacted my life and never made me feel bad for being stupid or not remembering anything. And for the people that check in on me, fewer than you think. People are tide up in their own life and really don’t want to be bothered with someone not well. It Sucks but it’s life, I have learned to appreciate the wonderful people I do have and that’s all I need.
      Thank you Waverly

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