What you can to do to pass your time when not feeling good!

I draw and color and paint and write. There’s a lot of mediums to color, pencils, crayons, eye shadows, paint, Vaseline, There are also a lot of you tube videos to help you get started and facebook pages.

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2 thoughts on “What you can to do to pass your time when not feeling good!”

  1. WOW, I wish I in could do faces that good, this is great. It seems to me your better then I am. I am just amazed the amount of talents you have.

    1. I work on the side of the brain that is creative, I take after my dad, but as far as school work, I worked my but off and got through but not a easy task. I learn differently, I have to touch, watch, play with before something soaks in. But creativity I don’t have to think twice. I pray that part of my brain doesn’t go. That would really suck. That’s my enjoyment. Thank you for your compliment.

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