A Difficult Day!

After talking to a dear friend of mine that is terminal, I asked him how he was? I didn’t mean health wise, but mentally, He said he was planning his funeral that afternoon and that hit me like a ton of bricks! At first I was thinking No you can’t plan your own funeral, it’s not your time yet, but he feels his time is coming quicker and quicker. This is a man that was responsible for saving my dad’s life, a man who has cared for me as a patient and as a friend and even called me his daughter. I just couldn’t grasp planning your own funeral, I didn’t think this man that idolized could really be dying. So I thought about it. How do you plan your own funeral? I guess it is your way of being honored how you want to be honored not how others want to say goodbye. How do you pick out your clothing? For me personally I don’t want my kids or close family to see me once I have died, so that just one part of the funeral, What kind of service do you want? Do you want a party? Do you want a celebration of life? Cremation vs burial, do you want flowers or donations made to a non profit. I guess when we die, ew hoe our families will make the right choices for you. but is that really how you want to exist this world, on someone else’s terms. I guess that’s a question only you can answer. So although heartbroken for my dear friend, I need to honor him, his wishes and just be there for him. I hope I don’t have to make these decisions sooner than later, but maybe its good to have it all written out before the time comes.

So I leave you with this, It may not be your time, If you have specific wishes maybe you should write them out to leave this world the way you want to.


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2 thoughts on “A Difficult Day!”

  1. Kelly I have to agree with you, hearing about a close friend planning this, is a shock. In the world today things are getting so expensive that the cost of a funnel is out of everyones reach. I mayself have had this cross my mind a lot, Life Insurance mostly, which one, how many, the cost, will it cover everything I leave, will there be any left to help my children. It isgoing to be hard enough then with out leaving a lot of bills behind. Thats the most important thing on my mind. As well everything you said in your post.
    I really think it is good to plan a head, because you get things taken care of, then maybe it will be off your mind. Its just like the last will and testament, most have them made up early. When not funnel plans to.I know its even harder when someone is not excpeted to pass any time soon, but I learned long ago if someone is close to death and they believe that will happn most the time it dose sooner then it should. So with a funnel plan, will all done early then there is no reasonto think on it. Its all taken care of. You can live life to its fullest then.
    just my way of thinking.

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