Symtoms of COPD!!!!!

Patty Loveless on How to Recognize Symptoms of COPD
Shortness of Breath? Persistent Cough? Learn the Signs of Lung Disease
By Linda Childers, Special to Lifescript

Country singer Patty Loveless
(Photo by Anna Webber/Getty Images for Country Music Hall of Fame & Museum)

ountry music star Patty Loveless has lost two family members to lung disease. She tells Lifescript all about her fight against chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) – on the rise in U.S. women – and her own health scares…
Patty Loveless, took center stage as one of country music’s leading ladies in the late ’80s and ’90s. Back then, the award-winning singer churned out hits on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart, including five Number 1’s.

These days, the Grand Ole Opry member, 60, is singing a different tune.

More than 15 million people in the U.S. have COPD, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Millions more go undiagnosed, mainly because they don’t know the risk factors (smoking and toxin exposure are most common) or don’t recognize symptoms: shortness of breath, persistent cough and lots of mucus.

More than 12 million people in the U.S. have COPD. Another 12 million go undiagnosed, mainly because they don’t know the risk factors (smoking and toxin exposure are most common) or don’t recognize symptoms: shortness of breath, persistent cough and lots of mucous.
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2 thoughts on “Symtoms of COPD!!!!!”

  1. Thins one I am not sure about all the numbers being right, heres why, I went to a pulmonary Doctor a while back, did a beathing test seen the Doc for maybe 5 mins, she told meI have COPD, so from one bearthing test and seeing me for 5 mins and not hearing me when I tayed talking to her she deturmend I have COPD. I think Docs are just saying this because its easier then really looking into everything thats going on inones life. Everything I have read or heard about COPD systems I paied attention to my own body, Shoetness of beath, for one, how many people in the world dont get short of beath when working out, running or even fast walking. If your recover time is short and back to normal beathing how could you have COPD, caughing I think they mean continuous not just once in a while. Mucus could be sins problems, maybe not because of COPD.
    Here is what I have, yea I get short of beath once in a while, not all the time, caughing not much if any, mucus, when the weather changes moslty in the morings. These are the things I noticed. Yea I smoke its hard to quick smoking. I have tried and will keep trying until I do it.
    So I have to disagree with some of the Doctors that say COPD is on the rise. They need to come up with better ways of testing for this. Doctors now a days seem to be taking the shortest way to ansswers to our heath. Yes my heath is important, it seem more important to me then Doctors. Just like with my blood pressure, yes it was high mostly ran in the area of 190/ over 80 or 90s some time a little higher. I was taking highr blood pressure meds, now my bp is around the area of 120s / ovet 80s with out meds. I have not taken meds for almost 2 weeks now, but these numers are not goid enough to my Doctor, they want to find a problem why my bp is highe. When Iwas in the fire Department a bp of 120/80 is what you find out one a persin who works out, runs every day, real heathy. Now with my numbers being a litte bit higher then that how can it behigh, and with out meds how can it be uncontrollable, to me this sound like its controlled to me. So what are the stander numbers for all this, if lower why. For about 20 yrs or so everything was good, now things change and they say more poeople have these problem. What is going on in our heathcare system?

    1. It seems as if all Dr’s and their ego’s have their own set of what’s normal, not only normal but normal for you? I have naturally low, to low, There are times they said I would be dead if I were the average person with my BP’s so low. what Doctor’s don’t get is we are all different, different Genes, same with cholesterol, Big Pharma says everyone should be on cholesterol lowering drugs? Really why? What is my numbers are normal for me and I am risking my kidneys and liver for many years to take a drug that now, when I go to Stanford, there stepping back on the the Cholesterol meds. They are seeing long time effects of these drugs, I don’t believe in taking something for no reason or to fill someone’s pockets. I do believe If your numbers are higher than they should be, try the natural approach, if that doesn’t work then go to the meds, but I find most people specially with cholesterol meds say well I wont have heart issues I am on cholesterol meds so I can eat what ever, when ever. It is not a cure it is meant to be used in conjunction with diet and exercise. Of course Big pharma wants us on their meds, but you must always research and see and weigh the risks vs benefits. Find a good Family practice Doctor that believes in both modern and natural approach to things. Talk to him or her about your concerns, Geeze just 2 weeks ago I was given a medication that causes ticks and uncontrollable body movement, It is not a occurrence, it’s a fact and I trusted this Doctor. Never explained there were effects but for sure. known by the neurological society that this drug is known if given over a few times can cause non reversible ticking. No thanks That sad thing is this drug is being used daily for pregnant women for nausea! I worked in the medical field called in this medicine many times and not one time did I hear the Doctor or Nurse Practitioner tell me or give me the information to share with patients. That is their job. Patients are nauseated for a reason, read the side effects before taking something to make your day a little better. Our health care system doesn’t care, sad but true. It cares abut paying the bills. But I will tell you it seems the younger the Doctors are the more into wanting to help not just rx ya out the door. I also have to admit I feel Foreign Doctors have more open minds and a gentle hand and are in it for the right reason. I am getting better bed side manner from the younger foreign Doctors.

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