Be your own voice!!!!!!!

I have a strange question, Stanford gave me meds that most common complaints are nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, stomach ache and pain, headaches, dizziness, severe vertigo, problems with eye site oh and muscle pain and that was just the first bottle the second said I could take if I had had a heart attack, suffered from low blood pressure, was on 3 of the meds I was on. Now just out of curiosity Do these Doctors read your chart or even know what you main complaints which is exactly what the medication will cause.. One thing about Stanford and they are eager to learn, so I e mail my findings, so I will e mail very nicely why the heck they would write me a rx if it will seriously hurt me with certain medications and why would I get a rx that causes the 5 main complaints of being there. I am getting use to calling my pharmacy and rejected medications they call in, I am not going to take antibiotics just because or take a medication that has such serious complaints the warning label I longer than the instructions. Speak up for your self, ask questions, No question is ever stupid. I am sure I get the eye roll but ya know what would they take it knowing its contraintracations with your medical history or medications or symptoms. You are all you have to be your voice. No one else will.

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