What’s in your brain?

Do you know what is in your Brain and what it does? I thought I would post so we can understand our Brains and its responsibilities it has.
There are four key components of your neurological system. Neurons, Axons, Synapses and Dendrites. The Neurons are like the fingers with multiple branches called dendrites and a simple trunk of the tree if you will is called the Axon. The Axons communicates through the Neurons and dendrites this relationship is called a synapses and that crosses the gaps to the synaptic Cleft.

Now let me introduce you to your Neurotransmitters, Glutamate is associated with learning and memory, can lead to impulse and violence

Gaba:Gaba is the let’s say break of the brain so you don’t get to aggressive.

Oxytocin: is known as the love drug, Makes you fall in love, connects moms and new babiES.

Dopamine: The reward drug, too little can lead to depression, to much can lead to addiction.

Serotonin: Peacefulness, if to slow can become depressed.

Adenosine builds up through the day and tires you out when you day is over.

Endorphines bodys painkiller’s at high levels you can become relaxed, low levels can lead to pain.

Noradrenaline: Heightens energy and is involved in flight or flight mode, and elevate your heart rate.

Tomorrow we will learn other parts of the brain. and their responsibility.

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