Do you have PPPD?

I am interested in connected with someone who has gotten better or has less
>> symptoms for PPPD (Persistent Postural Perceptual Dizziness). Specifically
>> someone who experienced motion when they walked (sway and rock). It has also
>> been explained as feeling like you are standing on the deck of ship, BUT you
>> haven’t been on ship, or plane or anything. The cause for this varies
>> wildly. In my case I had head and neck surgery for cancer this past January.
>> It is very confusing that in the diagnosis (PPPD) the D stands for the word
>> dizzy. When reaching out to anyone for me you need to make it clear that I
>> do not feel dizzy, get migraines, or nausea. I feel motion when I walk. For
>> the most part I am okay when I sit, stand, or lay down. It isn’t anything
>> you see it is a perception of motion or sway and rock. that I feel or people
>> like me feel. What actually is going on? Somehow a neurotransmitter signal
>> is sending an error message from my head to my body to feel motion when I
>> walk and that signal continues to be sending this mixed up message for the
>> past six month.  Anti-depression medication are used to dislodge it like
>> Effexor but there are others. These drugs work in the central nervous
>> system. The brain is malleable and can be re-wired with the help of these
>> drugs. I am trying this now with Effexor and am in Vestibular PT and
>> cognitive therapy.
>> If anyone experienced motion when walking or sway and rock or any feeling
>> like being on the deck of a ship AND got better or symptoms did improve over
>> time, please share your contact information.

If anyone has PPPD please let me know so I can connect you with This Patient

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