Today I’m going to get to know our Brain’s a little more!

I’m Sorry I am fascinated in our Brains, we can never have enough knowledge and to be able to understand might help people with neurological issues understand a little better.

We are addressing the different Lobes of the Brain.

Thalamus: relays the body’s sensory input cortex this regulates our sleep.

Frontal Lobes are the seat for memory, language, problem-solving, Emotions and personality.

Parietal lobe: converts sensory input into actionable understanding.

Temporal lobes: handle auditory processing and attaching long term memory.

Occipital lobe: Visual processing and related tasks, such as facial recognition

Cerebellum: Sensory inputs coordinates motor movement, posture and balance.

Medulla: regulates breathing, heart rate coughing, sneezing and other unconscious activity.

Amygdalae: There is one in each hemisphere helps decision making and emotional response.

Hippocampi: One in each hemisphere, helps form new memories and understanding.

Corpus Callosum: Nerve bundle that connects The right and left Hemisphere.

Basal Ganglia: helps with coordinating physical activity

Midbrain: Processes vision and hearing

Pons: involved in breathing, swallowing, and similar involuntary activities.

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