What Tests can you use to see inside your skull?

PET Scan:
Positron Emission Tomography, uses radioactive traces in die that injected and circulated through out your oody and brain to reveal details about the blood flow, glucose, metabolism and more, it works at the cellular level, for a great view of seizures and memory disorders and to tract the progression/regression of cancer over time.

EEG: Electroencephalography monitors the brain’s electrical activity through electrodes on and occasionally in the scalp. It’s high temporal resolution, great for diagnosis in Epilepsy, sleep disorders or whether or not some one is in a coma.

MRI: Functional Magnetic Resonance imaging, monitors brain activity due to changes in blood oxygenation, useful for mapping which brain region are activated in the course of various activities. but th e

CT Computed Tomography: x Rays and digital processing to create 3-D images by stacking cross-section views. Its low resolution is powerful enough to detect tumor itself create
precancerous conditions.;;

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