Just what is the Smart Pill?

The Smart Pill Capsule Study will help your Doctor determine if you have a condition called gatroparesis which is a condition that may delay food from emptying out of your stomach. It allows the Doctors to see how long it takes food to travel through your stomach and intestines. You will swallow a vitamin-sized capsule the will send measurements of ph, temperature throught your GI tract to a data recorder that you will wear for the duration of the test which can last as long as 5 days.

What to expect during the test: You will eat a Smart Bar, they say just like a granola bar but it is gritty and chewy and not easy to eat when you already feel nauseated, suffering from Gerd, esophagitis and unable to eat, now you have to eat this gritty bar, But I used mind over madder in this situation. Then they give you the smart pill, which is the largest size pill I have seen if you bend your head down its easier to swallow. Then fast again for 6 hours, you wear the data recorder during the entire test. The hardest part, you can’t take your normal medications, like the ones that keep you from throwing up, gerd, acid reducer, pain meds, tums ect. This is before and during the test. You should be able to excrete the pill with in 2 days, If not MRI to find out where it is and how they are going to get it out.

My experience has not been easy to say the least, Non stop nausea, fullness, esophagitis, Gerd, a sense of feeling of full from the moment I ate the bar, I am miserable, can’t sleep, can’t eat, barely drink. But only 4 more days. thank god for music and meditation. But I am hoping this test will help the Doctors figure out what’s going on with my tummy so I can eat and start get stronger again.


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