The Great inventions We Got from Wrong-Headed Treatments

The VIBRATOR INVENTED BY JOSEPH Mortimer Granyville for men to relax there muscles for men in the 1880s, it was quickly adopted for the use of women for a condition called hysteria. The electrical device relieved Doctors of cramping for manually stimulating a women’s clitoris, thus the Vibrator was born known as the Granville’s Hammer.

The Graham cracker, the original bland unsweetened cracker developed by Presbyterian minister Sylvester Graham as a alternative to the sugary crackers he believed were leading children to dangerous self abuse “masturbation” Nabisco turned the tables sweetening them into s’mores-supporters know and love today.

corn flakes was created by Dr. Harvey Kellogg created in a sanitarium to curb the devil of Masturbation, Harvey’s Kellogg added sugar to the cereal causing a riff in the family, Dr Kellogg girls that were troublesome sexual desire could be curbed by burning lady parts with cabolic acid.

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