When your family does’nt get it!

This Video hit home with me, When your sick the people you think are there for you are not and the people you don’t expect show up. It’s the hardest lesson learned ever. Your taught as a child that the people closest to you will stand by you, help you and be there for you but it is not always so. There busy, they have to work, spend time with their friends, or are in denial and when your told you have no cure, no treatment and they don’t know what to do, they don’t think your going to die, but they don’t know, it’s a scary place to be, and when the sun goes down, who is there, not who you would expect, It’s not all about me or my illness and frankly I have been told to smell the roses a few to many times and don’t talk about it, you have to feel it, talk about it or you will go nuts in your own mind. Buts its easier to pretend everything is fine that to show up, offer help, offer to talk, offer to sit with you in treatment that makes you so sick. The Journey is mine and not theirs, but in your heart you hope that some of the most important people in your life don’t want to join you in your journey. This Video helped me so much. Please watch. KellyAnne

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