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A new Diagnosis

As the last 2 days have set in my mind, a blurred diagnosis, with blurred game plan, what it all means, what’s the next step, I just keep hearing this is abnormal, this is abnormal, this is abnormal ect. I don’t think Doctors realize it’s a lot to take in in a 15 minute appointment.

After crying in the parking lot, I realized that was getting me no where. I needed to help myself, The Doctors are not going to help me through this. It must be me. I have to do research on treatment, diet, exercise, medications, everything involved.

But I feel like a cake adding one layer on top of layer of diagnosis. When does the top come on. So for me, I have hard a really two days of just pure fatigue, but I went swimming anyway, Did some art, and cried a lot. Now I had my sympathy party and now it’s kick butt time. Those who know me, know I must help others in my same place. So that’s a given. I am thankful for my journaling class beginning next week, I am going clean in my diet, green in my house, exercise no matter how hard it is. Drink tons of water to help my liver and kidneys. I am also grateful for the friends that have contacted me to check in, David Morrill, Frank Covert, Karen Polly, Tracy Fox, Amanda Parks,, Kristina Greaney, Bonnie Burgess Barbara Suiter, Lindsay Gauger, and Kathy Merrill, Russ Brean Holly Kelly, Jennifer Pokorski, Holly Torgeson and my new dear friend DA Cole, your support means everything.

So just so you know, I am kicking butt mood and I am going to win. Kelly

Thanks for all your support, love and friendship,

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