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Just a update!

My symptoms are becoming worse and more often, Although my hearing seems to be stabilizing, sounds the same, but I do have a new symptoms, I have the sensation of my Brain actually moving, it’s kind of scary when it happens because it happens with out warning, its almost like my brain is rotating and I have to sit and automatically have to throw up. I know my brain is not moving so it’s just a sensation but it feels like it. I know if I went to the Dr, they would say let’s do another MRI. I just can’t do any more MRI’s Ct scans, EEG’s, The drop attacks are becoming more frequent, but our weather here has been extremely hot and humid which we normally don’t have so I have to believe this some how can be related. I am looking forward to the weather cooling off, so maybe I can get some relief. Going to the Dr is not a option for me, I am so tired of tests. I can only try as hard as I can to keep my limits, eat every so many hours with protein, drink a lot of water, take my vitamins, meditate and of course medication and let go of the guilt that comes with this disease. Keep journaling, reading when I can. Try to limit stress, keeping toxic people out of my life. I try to swim as much as I can. Its not easy but I don’t want my muscles to weaken, so I push. Eating clean!. doing the best I can and be greatful every day I wake up and have a good day and can help someone else.

Have a great day!!!!

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