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Magnesium to prevent cancer!

Scientists recognized  magnesium mostly as it protection against cardiovascular disorders.  High magnesium intake is associated with lower of sudden cardiac death, stroke, type 11 diabetes, metabolic syndrome , heart disease high blood pressure and osteoporosis.

Magnesium is not manufactured through plants but rather through the soil it is grown through or the water and drinks you consume.

In a human study, there were marked reductions in pancreatic cancer in those people that used supplements.  In fact 76% percent of patients that have pancreatic cancer are deficient in magnesium.

24% percent of patients that  are 100%mg decrease in magnesium intake , 200 mg of magnesium are also 24% higher for pancreatic cancer than those taking 300 mg.

Men’s recommended amount 420mg and 320mg a day for women.

In Japan studies of Japanese men who consume the highest amount of magnesium are 50% less likely to get colon cancer.

Magnesium plays a role cell signaling, insulin sensitivity, systemic inflammation and DNA maintenance and repair.

Low amounts of magnesium can leave patients with  a increased risks of different cancers.










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