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Beauty of my Passion by Kelly Helsel


I remember the day, I sat and took this photo, I was not doing to well because the drive had such awful roads, I took my meds and just put myself to sleep. Don’t worry I wasn’t driving.   When I got to the beach I couldn’t wait to get out of the car, Seriously, for those of you that don’t enjoy cars rides you know what I mean.  But My stomach started calming down, The Ocean breeze against my skin and splashes of water on my face, I didn’t care how cold the water was, I just couldn’t grab enough, Never wanted to leave, particularly because of the beauty of the Ocean and the other part of driving back in that car.  But I did it, I followed my passion of photography that day, and although I paid for several days, Every time I look at this photo it reminds me, I did it, I am still here, and most of all experience the beauty of my passion.

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